5 days of mountain biking in the National Park of Casentino, Tuscany, covering approximately 20 – 30 km a day at altitudes from 500 slm to 1000 slm

Equipment can be provided upon request

Arrival Day is Orientation Day in Casentino, Tuscany

Your mountain biking adventure in Tuscany will start on Saturday. Arrival is anywhere from 4 pm to 6 pm. (Early arrival can be arranged upon request.) Our guides will offer you a Welcome to Tuscany drink and an Orientation Talk at 7 pm and a typical Tuscan meal will be served at 8 pm. Relax, ask questions and get to know everyone. And get ready to spend some fabulous long hours together in this stunningly beautiful countryside.

A typical day will be :

Breakfast is served early, from 8 am to 9 am, and we are on the move to our destination by 9.30 am. Biking, biking, biking! Along the way, there will be stops at locations offering local products and a typical lunch menu that will set you up for the afternoon! All our trips are circular. Once back at your lodgings you will have time to relax and stroll around town, enjoy Happy Hour and indulge your taste buds with some wine tasting.

It is possible to arrange for massages and chiropractor services during this time. Dinner is served at 8 pm.

Our groups are normally from 8 – 15 persons and we select either an agriturismo, with one and two bedroom apartments, fireplaces and living rooms, or a three star hotel complete with lounge area, panoramic garden, sauna and dining area.

Comfort and Tuscan tradition are the themes of this trip when you are not sitting on a mountain bike touring this unique landscape. Each day we’ll offer you plenty of opportunities to immerse yourself in Tuscan culture and really get to know the Tuscan landscape and Tuscan cuisine!

Day One:
Small Towns in Tuscany – a trip through the mouth-watering landscape of the region, including stops to vist some of the more characteristic small towns
Distance: 23 km
Altitude change: 600 m
Difficulty: Medium/high
Estimated time: 5 hours

Day Two:
The Valley of Oia – a beautiful but tough climb in an area which abounds with fields, forests and chestnut groves
Distance: 20 km
Altitude change: 850 m
Difficulty: Medium/high
Estimated time: 5 and a half hours
Day Three: A Pilgramage into the Spiritual Center of Tuscany. This itinerary is particular and beautiful, offering a truly new vision of Tuscany
Distance: 28 km
Altitude change: 700 m
Difficulty: Medium/high
Estimated time: 5 hours

Day Four:
A break from biking with a trip into an area of Tuscany renowned for its excellent wines. We take a day trip to Montepulciano, Pienza and Montalcino to explore by bus and on foot the famous vineyards of the area, pausing along the way to drink in the tastes and scents of Tuscany!

Day Five:
CHALLENGE!! Normally we decide with the group the itinerary for today – pushing ourselves to the limit in distance, difficulty, altitude and fun. You will have had several days to examine your capabilities and your guide will help you select the trip for the day.

Day Six:
We end with a trip through the Via dei Legni. Casentino is famed for the quality of its wood . The wood used to build the framework of the Duomo in Florence came from this area, and we will travel through the ancient forests that supplied that wood
Distance: 15 km
Altitude change: 550 m
Difficulty: Medium/high
Estimated time: 3 hours