6 Full Days / 7 Nights

Mountain Bike in Tuscany

6 full days of mountain biking in a tranquil valley southeast of Florence. Perfect for medium to high level bikers looking for a taste of the natural beauty of this rugged terrain and an opportunity to enjoy the culinary delights of the region.

Your Tuscan vacation offers the opportunity for a magnificent adventure as the tour unfolds along the back roads and little-used paths and trails of the countryside, all carefully chosen to cater to your capabilities. Authorized and highly-trained Discover Tuscany guides will accompany you pedal stroke by pedal stroke and, throughout your tour, a Discover Tuscany team member will offer constant, discreet van support – keeping far enough away to avoid intruding on your one on one contact with the natural surroundings, yet close enough to guarantee your personal comfort at all times.

  • Time 6 days / 7 nights
  • Language English / Italian
  • Lunch included
  • Dinner included
  • Tasting trip included
  • Difficulty medium to high
  • Can be personalized for groups
  • 2 Personal Guides for every ten persons
  • Transfers included