Easter in Florence

Italians love to celebrate family holidays together and Easter is a big one in this traditional Catholic country.  Sharing special food items is a major part of any holiday in Italy and at Easter time one of the most popular items devoured by everyone is the well known Colomba Pasquale, a type of Easter bread. The history of the Colomba dates back to 1176 commemorating the victory of Lombardia over the Roman Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. According to legend two doves representing the Holy Ghost appeared on the battle grounds. Often the Colomba today is made in the shape of a dove. There are other legends dating back to 572 involving maidens who were given reluctantly to King Alboin. The 12th  maiden created a sweet bread to represent the symbol of peace in the shape of a dove. She charmed the king and he set her free sparing Pavia from destruction. Colomba Pasquale has been around a very long time varying in size, shape and toppings. Choose one while you are celebrating your Easter holiday and decide for yourself which you think is the tastiest of all.




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